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Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem
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crescent moon flower

AED 429.75 AED 359.75

Festive blessing bouquet

AED 209.75

EID Gift Box - Purple Crescent

AED 289.75

Happiness Festive Flowers

AED 339.75

Ramadan exclusive ii

AED 159.75

Bright and Light Pink Bouquet

Looking for a floral arrangement that will suit for any occasion...
AED 369.75 AED 339.75

Ramadan festive cake

AED 239.75

Ramadan Exclusive Cupcakes

Lets Start this Ramadan With some sweet greetings and cherished this ...
AED 149.75

Choco Love Bouquet

AED 559.75

Delighted Flower Gift

AED 369.75

Beautiful White Lily Bouquet

Beautiful White Lily Bouquet ..
AED 189.75 AED 159.75

A Fantasy Hamper

Give this delicious gift hamper to your dear ones that contain a ...
AED 299.75

New Ramadan Cupcakes

Celebrate this year Ramadan with these delicious sweet New Ramadan ...
AED 139.75

New Ramadan Cupcakes 2022

Flower Store are offering a unique, amazing & memoriable gift for ...
AED 159.75 AED 139.75

New Ramadan Cupcakes I

These yummy  Ramadan Cupcakes makes a great surprise to celebrate...
AED 159.75 AED 149.75

Ramadan Cupcakes II

Best Ramadan 2021 Cupakes in Town! Order Now   ..
AED 139.75

Ramadan Kareem Fruitful Cake

Fresh, colorful, and bursting with juicy fruit, rich cream, a ...
AED 189.75

Ramadan Oreo Cheese Cake

This irresistible cheesecake is the perfect indulgence for peanut ...
AED 179.75

Ramadan Kareem Red Velvet Cake

This Ramadan Kareem red velvet cake is what a REAL red velvet cake ...
AED 229.75 AED 209.75

20 Long Stem Chrysanthemum

20 White chrysanthemums, Arranged in a clear glass vase lined with ...
AED 229.75

30 White Tulips

The only flower that fits in every occasion is White Tulip. Wants to ...
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AED 369.75 AED 339.75

8 Stolen Kisses Lavender

Yet another variation of eight stolen kisses with luxurious ...
AED 159.75

Arabian Pot Cookies

Arabian Pot Cookies ..
AED 189.75

Assorted Baklawa Basket By Wafi Gou...

Assorted Baklawa Basket By Wafi Gourmet . The Opus One Gift Plate...
AED 769.75

Assorted Dates Gift Plate By Wafi G...

Assorted Dates Gift Plate By Wafi Gourmet .Wafi Gourmet gift ...
AED 489.75

Assorted Dry Fruit Luxury Gift Med...

Assorted Dry Fruit Luxury Gift Box by Wafi Gourmet  Medium ...
AED 299.75

Assorted Luxury Baklawa Small Size ...

Assorted Luxury Baklawa By Wafi Gourmet Small Size .   ..
AED 239.75

Assorted Sweet Plate By Wafi Gourme...

Connoisseurs of authentic Lebanese Cuisine will love the delectable ...
AED 529.75

Basket Assorted Dates

Basket Assorted Dates, F16s & Apricot w 1 Jute Bag ..
AED 509.75

Basket Assorted Dates Stuffed &...

Basket Assorted Dates Stuffed & w/out Stuffed  w/1 Jute Bag&...
AED 489.75

Beautiful Day Bouquet

A day where gladness reigns, The whole lot seems accurate with the ...
AED 209.75

Blissful Day

The beatufil blissful day bouquet for beautiful people. It is made to ...
AED 439.75

Blue Beauty Hand Bouquet

The Blue beuaty bouquet in hand bouquet.  Click here to see ...
AED 439.75

Crescent Eid Cupcakes

Crescent Eid Cupcakes ..
AED 129.75 AED 109.75

Cycle of affection

Another version of happiness and affection cycle. Yet another addition...
AED 309.75

Cycle of Happiness

This beautiful western classic cycle of happiness flowers is suitable ...
AED 249.75

Dashing Daisies Bouquet

Express your playful, childlike side and send a wish for simple joy. ...
AED 189.75 AED 169.75

Dates Cookies

Special Dates Cookies For a Holy Month Of Ramadan. pistachio ...
AED 199.75

Eid Cookies

 Celebrate your ramadan with this delicious assortment of eid ...
AED 179.75

Eid Delights Bouquet

Bring brilliance to Eid celebration with an arrangement topped with a ...
AED 609.75

Eid Glamour Cupcakes

This delectable cupcake is a perfect treat for cupcake lovers. The ...
AED 129.75

Eid Indulgence Platter

A perfect addition to your Eid celebration, the Eid Indulgence Platter...
AED 569.75

Elite Royal Ferrero Bouquet

The elite royal flowers is one of the elite class arrangements with ...
AED 549.75

Floral Expression Hand Tied

Majestic floral expression bouquet beautifully prepared in a hand tied...
AED 439.75

Full Of Happiness Bouquet

Full of  happiness Bouquet is set to offer your Birthday wishes ...
AED 329.75

Gawa Jug Cookies

Gawa Jug Cookies ..
AED 189.75

Gift Box Large (Brown, Gold)- Assor...

Gift Box Large (Brown, Gold)- Assorted Dates ..
AED 639.75

Gourmet Luxury Dates Gift Box Large...

Gourmet Luxury Dates Gift Box By Wafi Gourmet Large size  ..
AED 439.75

Gourmet Luxury Dates Gift Box Mediu...

Gourmet Luxury Dates Gift Box By Wafi Gourmet Medium ..
AED 329.75

Happiness Forever

Forever Happiness is one of your unique style bouquets to ensure the ...
AED 379.75

Kunafa Cheesecake

Kunafa Cheesecake topped with crunchy Baked Kunafa toppings and ...
AED 179.75

Lady in Blue

The gorgeous orchids arranged artistically in a premium vase. ...
AED 329.75

Lantern Cookies

Lantern Cookies ..
AED 189.75

Love Pitcher Bouquet

A super classic green, yellow and red arrangement in a beautiful clear...
AED 289.75

Luxury White Orchids

The magical bloom of orchids will surely make their day. Send them and...
AED 419.75

Mixed Ornamental Blooms

Send this unique mixed chrysanthemum bouquet to the loved one you ...
AED 299.75

Mixed Tulips Decency Bouquet

A flower bouquet cannot be more decent and elegant than this mixed ...
AED 419.75

Moments Of Majesty Bouquet

Give a gift of peace and beauty, like this fresh, soothing ...
AED 419.75

Peace and Harmony Bouquet

Your sincere wishes for peace and harmony resonate beautifully in this...
AED 199.75

peaceful present Bouquet

This beautiful stunning two sunflower hand-bouquet will say their ...
AED 119.75 AED 109.75

Peacefulness & Joyfulness Bouqu...

White roses, lilies and other favorites are displayed in a chic ...
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AED 229.75

Plate Assorted Dates

Plate Assorted Dates ..
AED 539.75

Purple Beauty Bouquet

  Perfect for lovers of  purple tones!   &...
AED 369.75

Purple Poetry Bouquet

This mixed flower bouquet is the perfect all-purpose gift for your ...
AED 199.75 AED 179.75

Ramadan Acrylic Box - Strawberries

Our NEW Ramadan Acrylic Box with strawberries is like nothing you’ve...
AED 375.75

Ramadan Bouquet

A delicious complement to any gathering, this arrangement is filled ...
AED 449.75

Ramadan Box

Fresh strawberries hand dipped in gourmet dark chocolate with ...
AED 189.75

Ramadan Celebration Bouquet

This delicious bouquet of refreshing fruit and rich chocolate is sure ...
AED 1329.75

Ramadan Celebration Bouquet with Ch...

This delicious bouquet of refreshing fruit and rich chocolate is sure ...
AED 1369.75

Ramadan Crescent

Soulful ramadan flower arrangement for sending to your loved ones. ..
AED 429.75

Ramadan Cupcakes

Ramadan Cupcakes  ..
AED 99.75

Ramadan Cupcakes iii

AED 189.75

Ramadan Delicious Chocolate Dates w...

This delicious arrangement contains all dates hand-dipped in gourmet ...
AED 419.75

Ramadan Flower Arrangement

Ramadan Flower Arrangement  ..
AED 279.75

Ramadan Fruit Festival

A beautiful centerpiece overflowing with juicy pineapple daisies, ...
AED 649.75

Ramadan Kareem Bouquet with Chocola...

A delicious complement to any gathering, this arrangement is filled ...
AED 489.75

Ramadan Kareem Gift Box Small Size

Ramadan Kareem Gift Box Small Size > Assorted Dates ..
AED 399.75

Ramadan Kareem Moon Cake

Wish Them This Season all the blessings and warmth of your feeling ...
AED 329.75

Ramadan Mubarak Bouquet

A fresh and delicious combination of pineapple daisies, honeydew, ...
AED 1049.75

Ramadan Mubarak Occasion with Choco...

Make Ramadan a grand occasion with this special arrangement topped ...
AED 1359.75

Ramadan Traditions Cookies

These artfully decorated cookies are guaranteed to delight this ...
AED 199.75

Rose Kunafa Cheesecake

Rose Kunafa Cheesecake ..
AED 159.75

Round Tray Medium Size Silver Dates

Round Tray Medium Size Silver Dates ..
AED 489.75

Saffron Kunafa Cheesecake

Saffron Kunafa Cheesecake ..
AED 149.75

Suhoor Gathering Arrangement

This spectacular centerpiece sure to be a crowd pleaser for the ...
AED 1169.75

Syam Celebration

Syam Celebration is a fresh idea for Ramadan and includes pineapple ...
AED 299.75

Syam Celebration with Chocolate Pop

Syam Celebration is a fresh idea for Ramadan and includes pineapple ...
AED 289.75

Unforgettable Elegance Cymbidium Or...

Unforgettable Elegance Cymbidium Orchid  Bouquet. Picked fresh ...
AED 399.75

WG Assorted seasonal Fresh Fruit

Send someone this basket of fresh fruits filled with all the essential...
AED 499.75

White Calla Lily

Charming white calla lilies are an graceful choice for any occasion, ...
AED 229.75

White Rose Bouquet

The beauty of white roses Bouquet  is unchallenged. Representing ...
AED 229.75

White Roses Hand Tied

A Symbol of loveable peace, white rose impresses the sould and ...
AED 199.75