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Christmas Gifts

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Holiday Bliss Bouquet

Holiday Bliss Bouquet brings the joy and good tidings of the holiday ...
AED 289.75

3 Dozen Long Stemmed Red Roses

This three dozen red roses are a exciting spray, long-stem red roses ...
AED 379.75

30 Red Rose Bouquet

Fascinate them with this enchanted 30 red roses bouquet made from hand...
AED 309.75

300 Roses of Love

300 Roses of Love Bouquet. This is a luxury greetings they will ...
AED 3559.75

All Is Well Centerpiece

Here is another superb christmas product All Is Well Centerpiece ...
AED 409.75

Amusing Cupcakes

Amusing Cupcakes  ..
AED 199.75

Basket of Faith and Hope

This ultimate flower arrangment is a combination of ecstatic blooms to...
AED 349.75

Berries Symphony Log Cake

Tri-berry mousse with white chocolate shortbread biscuit and raspberry...
AED 199.75

Berry Symphony

Raspberry mousse strawberry mousse blueberry mouse raspberry roll and ...
AED 169.75

Black Forest Cake Log

Chocolate sponge, dark chocolate parfait, Cherry Jam, and vanilla ...
AED 159.75

By Golly, It's Jolly

Nothing's sweeter than Christmas tulips - except maybe Christmas ...
AED 309.75

Choco Yule Log

Choco Yule Log  ..
AED 199.75

Chocolate Indulgence Strawberries B...

Our Chocolate Indulgence Strawberries are any chocolate-lover's ...
AED 209.75

Chocolate Log

Chocolate sponge and chocolate ganache  ..
AED 159.75

Christmas Blush

The red roses and white alstroemeria are traditional favorites. The ...
AED 259.75

Christmas Bow Cake

Christmas Bow Cake Available in 2KG ..
AED 379.75

Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake Available in 4KG ..
AED 759.75

Christmas Candle Cake

Christmas Candle Cake Available in 2KG ..
AED 379.75

Christmas Celebration Bouquet

For Holiday parties or any celebration this holiday season, try our ...
AED 299.75

Christmas Checkerboard Cake

Christmas Checkerboard Cake  Available in 2KG ..
AED 379.75

Christmas Chocolate Cake

Christmas Chocolate Cream logs  ..
AED 209.75

Christmas Cupcake

Christmas Cupcake ..
AED 269.75

Christmas Delight bouquet

We are very much sure you will love this delightful christmas bouquet...
AED 419.75

Christmas Delight bouquet collectio...

Christmas Delight bouquet collection with ferrero rocher ...
AED 429.75

Christmas Dozen Cupcakes

Christmas Dozen Cupcakes mix  mistletoe cupcake  Hohoho ...
AED 239.75

Christmas Flower Tree

Oh, Christmas Tree! This beautiful tree-shaped arrangement made with ...
AED 449.75

Christmas Fruit Bouquet

A truly magical holiday idea that’s perfect for gifting and ...
AED 489.75

Christmas Ornaments Cake

Christmas Ornaments Cake  Available in 4KG ..
AED 759.75

Christmas Party

Perfect for Christmas or any of your holiday gift-giving needs! ...
AED 939.75

Christmas Smiles Bouquet

The Christmas Smiles Bouquet is the perfect gift to celebrate a ...
AED 209.75

Christmas Special Cookies

Christmas Special Cookies  Snow Bear Cookie Santa Head Cookie...
AED 219.75

Christmas Special Macaroons

Christmas Special Macaroons  Macarons Santa Belly  ...
AED 209.75

Christmas Strawberry Box

Christmas Strawberry Box is a perfect way to celebrate the Christmas. ...
AED 149.75

Christmas Tree Bouquet

For Holiday parties or any celebration this holiday season, try our ...
AED 569.75

Christmas Tree Bouquet White Chocol...

For Holiday parties, or any celebration this holiday season, try our "...
AED 599.75

Christmas tree cupcakes

Christmas tree cupcakes  ..
AED 199.75

Christmas Tree of Sharing and Givin...

Send your loved ones in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman this eye-...
AED 579.75

Christmas Vanilla Log Cake

Christmas Vanilla cream Log cake  ..
AED 219.75

Christmas Wishes Centerpiece combo

Your wishes for a classic Christmas centerpiece have come true! This ...
AED 489.75

Christmas Wreath Dozen Cupcakes

Christmas Wreath Dozen Cupcakes ..
AED 199.75

Coffee Log Cake

Coffe sponge, Vanilla cream and vanilla butter cream  ..
AED 159.75

Colorful Ornaments Cake

Colorful Ornaments Cake  Available in 2KG ..
AED 379.75

Dipped Apples and Strawberries Mixe...

Mix things up with two fruit flavors and a variety of tasty toppings. ...
AED 209.75

Dipped Strawberries Covered white

Enjoy one dozen fresh strawberries hand dipped in gourmet white ...
AED 189.75

Dolce Vita

Milk Chocolate Parfait, Almond dacquoise caramel mousse and peanut ...
AED 179.75

Dolce Vita Log

Milk chocolate parfait with caramel mousse and crispy biscuit ..
AED 189.75

Elite Royal Ferrero Bouquet

The elite royal flowers is one of the elite class arrangements with ...
AED 499.75

Fresh Fruit Log

Vanilla sponge, Vanilla Cream and fresh fruit and vanilla buttercream...
AED 169.75

Fruit Festival with Edible Number 2...

Centerpieces will never be the same! A beautiful array of pineapple ...
AED 599.75

Fun on Christmas

Lets have some fun on christmas. Send this lovely christmas bouquet on...
AED 289.75

Give Love On Christmas Day

Give Love On Christmas Day Flower Arrangement! ..
AED 369.75

Gorgeous Greetings Holiday Bouquet

The Gorgeous Greetings Holiday Bouquet is a simply lovely way to send ...
AED 209.75

Grand Cu

Marble sponge and chocolate parfait  ..
AED 169.75

grand cu Log Cake

valrhona manjari chocolate mousse with dark chocolate marquise biscuit...
AED 189.75

Heart of the Holidays

Chosen fresh from the floral farm to send your loved once and show to ...
AED 209.75

Holiday Elegance Bouquet

Adding a sparkle and shine to the holiday season with it's inviting ...
AED 629.75

Holiday Wishes Bouquet

The Holiday Wishes Bouquet exudes sophisticated seasonal styling to ...
AED 309.75

Holly Wreath Cake

Holly Wreath Cake Available in 2KG ..
AED 379.75

Icing Christmas cake

Icing Christmas cake  ..
AED 209.75

Joyous Christmas

Joyous Christmas Flower Bouquet   ..
AED 389.75

Let It Snow

Fresh as new fallen snow. Delicate, snow white flowers are decorated...
AED 279.75

Merry & Bright

This Christmas bouquet stays true to its name! Merry details ...
AED 209.75

Merry Christmas Tree

This mini christmas tree will refresh their soul and faith. Send to ...
AED 299.75

Merry Christmas Tree with chocolate

Merry Christmas tree  tree-shaped arrangement of fragrant ...
AED 329.75

Mikado Christmas Log

Marble Sponge, Cream Brulee and Dark Chocolate Parfait ..
AED 159.75

Mistletoe Cookies

Mistletoe Cookies  ..
AED 199.75

Ocean Blue Christmas Celebration

Ocean Blue Christmas Celebration ..
AED 269.75

Oh My Gold

Hazelnut Mousse speculoos cream hazelnut dacquoise, white chocolate ...
AED 259.75

Pink Nose Reindeer Christmas Cake

Pink Nose Reindeer Christmas Cake  Available in 2kg ..
AED 429.75

Pistachio And Apricot

Pistachio cream brulee, Apricot jam shortbread biscuit, and dark ...
AED 189.75

Pistachio Nougat Ice Cream Cake

Pistachio Nougat Ice Cream Cake  Pistachio sorbet nougat cream...
AED 209.75

Poinsettia Christmas Flower

On this christmas send this beautiful poinsettia flowers to your loved...
AED 189.75

Ready Built Ginger House

Ready Built Ginger House  ..
AED 209.75

Red Christmas Tree Cake

Red Christmas Tree Cake  ..
AED 459.75

Red Velvet Yule Log

Red Velvet Yule Log ..
AED 199.75

Reindeer Bouquet

For Holiday parties or any celebration this holiday season, try our ...
AED 399.75

Reindeer Christmas Cake

Reindeer Christmas Cake Weight: 2kg    ..
AED 429.75

Reindeer Santa snow Globe Penguin C...

Reindeer Santa snow Globe Penguin Cookies  Reindeer with Santa...
AED 199.75

Santa & Bear Christmas Macrons

Santa & Bear Christmas Macrons  ..
AED 169.75

Santa Belt Macrons

Christmas Santa Belt Macrons  ..
AED 159.75

Santa Claus Cake

Santa Claus Christmas Cake Available in 2.5KG ..
AED 539.75

Season for Love and Giving

Season For Love and Giving, this christmas, select the best bouquet ...
AED 269.75

Snowflake Macron

Christmas Snowflake Macarons  ..
AED 159.75

Snowman & Penguin Macrons

Snowman & Penguin  Macrons ..
AED 169.75

Snowman & Xmas Christmas Cupcak...

Snowman & Xmas Christmas Cupcakes  snowman with hat ...
AED 189.75

Snowman Ginger & Blue Star With...

Snowman Ginger & Blue Star With Reindeer   Snowman ...
AED 199.75

Snowman With Green Strap Cupcakes

Christmas Snowman With Green Strap Cupcakes ..
AED 189.75

Snowy Christmas Bouquet

A snowy white christmas bouquet with silver balls will surely put a ...
AED 299.75

Snowy Christmas Bouquet with Chocol...

a feeling of surprise in Winter! White carnations and white roses...
AED 309.75

Speculous Cheese Cake

Cheesecake with speculaus crunchy and digestive biscuit base ..
AED 199.75

Square Christmas Bouquet

Win their hearts and tell them how much you care for them on this ...
AED 299.75

Star Tree Cake Blue

Star Tree Cake Blue Available In 1.5KG ..
AED 289.75

Star Tree Cake Red

STAR TREE CAKE - RED Available in 1.5KG ..
AED 289.75

Tiramisu Cake Log

Lady Finger sponge, coffee paste cocoa powder and mascarpone cream ..
AED 159.75

Tiramisu Log Cake

  Lady Finger sponge with mascarpone Cream espresso coffee ...
AED 189.75

Vanilla Cake Log

Vanilla sponge, Vanilla cream and vanilla butter cream  ..
AED 159.75

Vanilla Dulce De Leche

Vaniella Ice Cream Dulce de leche ice cream olmond dacquoise & ...
AED 229.75

Vanilla Yule Log

Vanilla Yule Log ..
AED 209.75

White Bear & Santa Belt Cookies

  White Bear & Santa Belt Cookies White bear Cookies ...
AED 199.75

Winter Ready Built Ginger House

Winter Ready Built Ginger House ..
AED 389.75

Winter White Christmas cake

Winter White Christmas cake  ..
AED 1289.75

Xmas face Macron

Xmas face Macaron  ..
AED 159.75

Xmas Sock & Red Ball

Xmas Sock & Red Ball   Red Xmas Balls Xmas Sock...
AED 189.75

Xmas Tree & smiley Cookies

Xmas Tree red cookies Xmas tree white cookies  smiley with blue...
AED 189.75

Xmas Tree Ball & blue star Cook...

Xmas Tree Ball & blue star Cookies Xmas Tree Green cookies ...
AED 189.75

Xmas Wreath Christmas Cupcake

Xmas Wreath Christmas Cupcake  19 Cupcakes  ..
AED 199.75