Flowers and Cake Delivery in Dubai, the best Option to Celebrate every occasion!

Whether it’s a birthday, or a wedding anniversary, or your best friend has just become mother of a beautiful child, it is always important to let your loved ones know how much you care about them.

The Flower gives you the opportunity to express yourself, to let them know they are very important, and that they hold a special place in your hearts and that you are so happy when they are happy.

Flowers have long been sent in human history to express feelings. Traditionally, most of the times for romantics occasion but as contemporary trends, they are sent to express different feelings. They are sent to express happiness, to express sadness, to express love and affection, to say thank you, to say sorry or just to say you have them on your mind.

Flowers and cakes delivery in Dubai has...

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Roses: The Meanings of The Colors!


“Flowers make me irrationally happy.”

Alexa Von Tobel

 Gone are the days when merely women loved receiving flowers. In the modern times, men also love to be assured and reminded how much their friends and families love them.

Flowers are life. Though they are also sent when someone is dead, they signify different meanings of life. Different flowers signify different meanings. When it comes to flowers, Roses are one of the famous flowers people send to their loved ones. Today, we decided to write on the meanings of different colors of roses.


Red Roses:

Red Roses is a strong indication of love. Red roses with all red wrapping indicate sender’s passionate love and romantic intentions...

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The Flower Stores Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty Program

Under this program, The Flower Store commits to reward the customers who purchase frequently. At the flower store, we have been working on our products and services to maximize the value we provide to our customers in return. The customer satisfaction is one of our core value, something of utmost importance to us. This program is yet another proof of articulating our commitment to serve our customers better and reward them for their continuous patronage.

The Flowerstore customer loyalty program

The Flower Store’s Customer Loyalty Program!

How Does the Reward System Works?

Under this system, the more the customer buy, the more reward points they get, and the more reward points, the more discount they get, as a token of thanks for their repeated purchases.

When the customer buys from us, they are given ...

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Flowers Delivery Dubai – A Nice Way to Be Nice To SomeOne Very Nice

forrey and galland dubai

flower deliveryAt times, you need to show your loved ones how much you love them, how much you care for them. This is very simple if you live with them, if they are near to you. But this has now become much convenient even if you and they live far apart, especially, if they live in the UAE. Thanks to the forrey and galland dubaiFlowers Delivery Service in the UAE.

Now, you can send flowers, chocolates, balloons, teddy bears and a lot more to your loved ones, friends, family members and colleagues to wish them or just make them feel special, or just a reminder that you live in their heart, and they live in your heart.

The Flower Store believes in innovations in services and extension and expansion of product line to meet the growing demand of the customer base and to provide them with more opportunities available...

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Mothers Day 2016 Promotion 2

Mother is a true gift from God. There is no Gift in the world that you can gift this beautiful gift to show your gratitude to the creator for this amazing gift. But you can try. You can express how you much you love them.  You can show them you care for them. You can articulate to them their importance in your life. And we, The Flower Store,  are here to help you in this regard.

When is The Mothers Day?

In some countries, the Mothers Day is celebrated on 6th March, In most countries however, 21st March is the day all The Mothers in the world are thanked for their warmth and motherhood.


Mothers Day Offer

We have made a special category for Mothers Day. Our experienced florists have prepared flower arrangements that better suits the Mother’s Day occasion...

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Christmas Occasion: Why Miss a Chance for Joyous Moments!

Occasions are incomplete without flowers. This much have flowers become an important part of our life today. In UAE, most of the Christians are expats. This makes occasions like Christmas more special for them. When you are away from home, motherland or your own people, you are more emotional on such occasions… missing your friends and families.

christmas-productAt Flower Store, we take these facts under consideration. All our Christmas products are specially designed by our expert florist, also a Christian. It’s the deep research and analysis of the consumer behavior and feelings that guide us what to make for whom. And that is why we say we are here to spread happiness.

On this Christmas, we have updated our Christmas flower collections with some traditional flowers which can be customized on our est...

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The growing Trend of Sending Flowers in Dubai

flower delivery Dubai is an international city. Most of the population here is foreign nationals. With a fast paced life, Dubai’s social life is witnessing a paradigm shift. People are finding it very challenging to maintain a work-life balance. In such cases the government here has tried their best to create, maintain and upkeep venues for leisure activities. So are the business structures over here; becoming busiest and busiest day by day. In this busy life, it is difficult to maintain relationships.

No matter how much the online social media platforms, such as facebook, grows, the need for traditional forms of keeping social contacts will always be on high demand. Not catering to such demands will definitely have a negative impact on relations. People have realized this fact...

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Make Your December Special with The Flower Store

mixed tulipsDecember is famous for a number of reasons. First, its the christmas month. Second, its the last month. Third, its December, so its cooler than the rest of the months on the calender (just kidding). Anyhow, according to an unofficial, unauthenticated research analysis December is the most romantic month in most of the countries. This might not be the case in Dubai though, this month still holds a special reputation. This December, we offer you send flowers to your beloved ones to celebrate this month in a number of ways.
Anyone of Your Friends and Families Gotta Birthday?
You might want to check our Birthday flowers. Birthday is a special day that should be celebrated with a zeal. Not everyday is their birthday, it comes once a year, why not make it special for them...

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