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Cookies & Macaroons

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I Love you Mom Cupcakes

As delicious as it is beautiful, this luscious Cupcake turn any ...
AED 109.75

Arabian Pot Cookies

Arabian Pot Cookies ..
AED 189.75

Assorted Cookies Tray

This particular cookie  original butter round cookie are ...
AED 149.75

Assorted Egg Macaron

Assorted Egg Macaron  ..
AED 179.75

Assorted macaroons

•Hand crafted to perfection, our macarons are made using the ...
AED 309.75 AED 259.75

Camel Cookies

Make festivities special with the delectable elegance of our camel ...
AED 189.75

Chick Macaron

Chick Macaron ..
AED 169.75

Christmas Special Cookies

Christmas Special Cookies  Snow Bear Cookie Santa Head Cookie...
AED 219.75

Christmas Special Macaroons

Christmas Special Macaroons  Macarons Santa Belly  ...
AED 209.75

Colorful Macaron Gift Box

Handcrafted to perfection, our macarons are made using the freshest ...
AED 399.75 AED 339.75

Dancing Chicken Cookies

Dancing Chicken Cookies  ..
AED 189.75

Dates Cookies

Special Dates Cookies For a Holy Month Of Ramadan. pistachio ...
AED 199.75

Eid Cookies

 Celebrate your ramadan with this delicious assortment of eid ...
AED 179.75

Fashion chicken Cookies

Fashion chicken Cookies  ..
AED 199.75

Gawa Jug Cookies

Gawa Jug Cookies ..
AED 189.75

Girly Bird Cookies

Girly Bird Cookies  ..
AED 199.75

Heart Flower Cookies

Heart Flowers Cookies  ..
AED 209.75

Hungry Rabbit Cookies

Hungry Rabbit Cookies ..
AED 199.75

Lantern Cookies

Lantern Cookies ..
AED 189.75

Lovely Cookies

Love wing  cupcake pink heart red heart puzzle heart ...
AED 209.75

Mom Heart Cookies

Mom Heart Cookies  ..
AED 189.75

Moroccan Sweet Tray

Assorted Sweet tray original butter sweets are simply mixe of butter, ...
AED 159.75

Mother Chick Cookies

Mother Chick Cookies  ..
AED 199.75

Pinky Hen Cookies

Pinky Hen Cookies ..
AED 279.75

Rainbow Delight Cookies

These adorable and delectable cookies arrive hand-designed for a ...
AED 169.75

Ramadan Traditions Cookies

These artfully decorated cookies are guaranteed to delight this ...
AED 199.75

Sexy Chick Cookies

Sexy Chick Cookies  ..
AED 199.75

suspenders Chick Cookies

suspenders Chick Cookies  ..
AED 199.75

Sweet Celebration Cookies

3 rose oval 4 Heart circle 2 rose Circle 3 Rose square Sweet ...
AED 199.75

Sweet Lovely Cookies

Sweet Lovely Cookies will make a great addition to your Love. The ...
AED 199.75

Tweet Chick Cookies

Tweet Chick Cookies  ..
AED 199.75

UAE Eclaire Flag

UAE flag in eclaire  ..
AED 89.75

Valentine's Cookies SP

Valentine's Cookies SP  ..
AED 249.75